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Alternatives to Agar.io: Games Similar to Agar.io

Slither.io is the first game you should try.

Slither.io is a popular io game that is a worthy competitor to Agar.io. You play as a snake, similar to cells, and try to grow larger while defending yourself from other snakes. You'll come across small quantities of food along the journey that will boost your size, but if you eat an enemy snake, your size will skyrocket. The game's mechanics are excellent, comparable to Agar.io. Simply told, this is a game that you should not miss. It's quite addictive.


In terms of both theme and gameplay, Gota.io is quite similar to Agar.io. The game, on the other hand, takes the lead in terms of mechanics, with speedier mobility and a variety of additional elements. You can enhance your size by eating cells that are smaller than you. There are also a variety of choices, such as pressing the W key to eject portion of your mass, which aids in the dispersing of other cells. For easier navigation, hit the space key to divide your cell into smaller pieces. If you enjoy agar.io, you should not miss this game.

3. Pie.ai

Pie.ai is a game similar to Agar.io in which the goal is to survive and grow in size in the arena. On the way, you can consume pies to replenish your energy and fight off your foes. However, there is another adversary in the form of AI drones who frequently drop cherry bombs, so do your best to avoid them. Aside from that, you can hop, eat, fly, and strike your foes. This game is a little more complicated than Agar.io, so if you're searching for a challenge, this is the game for you. Just a recommendation before playing the game: maintain a high level of energy.


Another popular Agar.io-style game is Spinz.io, which is based on fidget spinners. It's a cross between fidget spinners, Slither, and Agar.io. You'll need to collect dots along the route to help you spin faster. You can also take away the mass of lesser spinners if you clash with them. Isn't it fantastic? So go ahead and play this game till you're addicted to it.


Zorb.io is a one-of-a-kind Agar.io alternative that is based in 3D rather than the 2D plane present in other Agar.io alternatives. In terms of theme, it's pretty similar to a game where you feed and grow. But the most intriguing aspect of this game is how it is played in three dimensions. You must devour the food orbs floating through space while avoiding harm. Furthermore, the physics are fantastic, with an unique drain mechanism that reduces a cell's mass as it approaches larger cells. Simply play the game and enjoy the 3D agar.io experience.

Lordz2.io is number six.

Lordz2.io is a massively multiplayer online game set during the time of lords, magicians, and kings. To conquer new territories on the map and extend your kingdom, you must build the largest army possible. It's an exciting game, and I appreciate how Agar.io was used as inspiration. The nicest part about this game is that, unlike other games that have simply replicated Agar.io's principle with a few tweaks here and there, it has improved upon it and made it lot more tough and intriguing. The visuals are also of excellent quality. I adore the game, and I'm confident you will as well.

Curvefever.io is number seven.

Curvefever is another addictive game that looks like a cross between Slither and Agar.io. Curvefever concentrates solely on the survival aspect, while other games attempt both survival and expansion. It's a highly competitive game in which you must travel with pinpoint accuracy to avoid colliding with your opponent. There are a number of useful mechanics that will assist you in avoiding the death cycle. If you enjoy games like Slither.io and Agar.io, this is the game for you.

Diep.io is number eight on the list.

Diep.io is a 2D game that focuses on survival tactics and includes a variety of power-ups. To win coins, you must shoot concealed things on the map. You can use coins to kill other players and advance to the next level. There are also bullet shot, damage, and maximal destruction choices, but these are only available if you have accumulated enough money. This game is one of my favorites due of its intriguing adversaries, and you should absolutely try it out.