Best File Sharing Application for Architects and Construction Companies

Architectural firms and construction companies apply their own requirements on file-sharing applications. A file sharing service used in design and construction must first be able to handle huge files. Architects, unlike many other professionals, transmit large files, therefore specialists in this sector value technologies that are both quick and sturdy. Architects and construction engineers frequently place the utmost importance on a tool's performance.

Second, the service must prioritize security to prevent unauthorized access to any drafts, estimates, or other materials associated with architectural or construction projects. Sharing and collaborating on documents requires the use of sophisticated security measures. In this article, we examine a variety of file-sharing applications that can be utilized by architecture and construction firms.


1. Dropbox Business

The best thing about Dropbox is that everyone is familiar with it and is probably already using it. This is why it is simpler to integrate this tool into the daily workflow: it requires no time for onboarding and getting started. Its commercial version is available in a variety of plans with a variety of features, including flexible data access rights, sophisticated security, and file recovery.

2. Google Drive

Another regularly utilized file-sharing tool that saves time during adoption and onboarding is Google Drive, because everyone with a Google account is already aware with its functions. It is easier to distribute files through a tool that is available to everyone. In addition to its other benefits, it is also accessible from any device. Due to the fact that many people use it primarily for personal reasons, work-related and non-work-related information would be stored in the same location, resulting in a cluttered office.

3. FileCloud

Teams that require a self-hosted file-sharing solution can utilize this application. It can be deployed on an internal server or in any cloud, enabling the creation of a private place for file sharing, synchronization, and backup. The benefits of a self-hosted file sharing solution include the ability to integrate it easily with current IT infrastructure, store the data on-premise, and set the storage in accordance with the organization's data security standards. FileCloud also enables remote access to locally hosted files from external networks.

4. Egnyte Connect

Egnyte Connect is a component of a wider platform that encompasses project management, collaboration, content offerings, and other functions. It enables the sharing of data with internal and remote users, enables intelligent bandwidth utilization, and enables file-sharing collaboration. This tool also assists in enforcing security policies to protect intellectual property and ensuring compliance with data regulations. Its data synchronization capabilities include version control and facilitate work on remote job sites with a subpar Internet connection.

5. Binfer

Binfer is a method for file sharing that does not rely on online storage. In this manner, the security of the sent data is elevated to an entirely new level: your files are never stored or processed. Binfer focuses on the transfer of huge files and facilitates file sharing via a direct connection between devices. This solution avoids the need to submit files to cloud servers and accelerates data transfer: huge files can be shared in half the time it takes with cloud platforms.

6. BIM 360

BIM 360 by Autodesk is a platform for construction management that includes a file-sharing service as an inherent aspect of managing construction and architecture projects. It is a document management module that allows users to upload, share, view, and manage drawings, models, specifications, and other documents. Specifically designed for the construction industry, it fits effortlessly into the management processes, speeds the work on projects of any size, and ensures that the work outcomes adhere to the initial criteria.

7. ShareFile

Citrix's solution for file sharing prioritizes the management of large files and the protection of sensitive information. It provides a quick and secure method for transferring massive amounts of data, while preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. Its bank-level encryption protects files during transfer, upload, and storage processes, enabling secure access to data from any device for remote employees or clients. The application also has 25 security parameters that may be customized to enable for the creation of individualized data access restrictions.

8. actiTIME

Looking for a high-quality solution to store and retrieve all project performance data in a secure manner? Consider the use of actiTIME. Whatever you or your team members contribute to actiTIME – project plans, task descriptions, estimates, daily progress comments, and time tracking entries – is preserved and can be accessed at any time for a quick overview via visual charts or a more in-depth analysis via numerous comprehensive reports.

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