You consume everything in your path in the multiplayer.io game Hole.io. You begin as a little black hole that grows by absorbing additional matter. More things can be ingested into the void with increasing size. This continues until you're consuming entire civilizations.

Hole.io: How to Play

Typically, grow games are limitless and mostly focused on consuming other players for large payouts. Then, when you are consumed, you must begin from scratch.

Play Hole.io

Hole.io is a unique game. While it is possible to consume other players, the primary objective is to consume as many objects as possible. This permits rapid growth within the two-minute time constraint. If devoured, you merely need to wait a few seconds before regenerating.

Game Modes

In Hole.io, the default game mode is timed. When the timer expires, the winner is the hole with the highest score. You may also play battle royale, an unlimited game option that concludes when you're the last hole standing.


Hole.io features a vast selection of maps that will satisfy your thirst for devastation. There are numerous post-apocalyptic wastelands, cities, farms, and medieval themes to pick from. Simply select your desired map from the menu to begin.

Hole.io Tips

Begin devouring little objects, such as plants and humans, as soon as the game begins. This will cause you to expand rapidly, allowing your hole to absorb larger objects.

Concentrate on eating larger objects as soon as you are able to do so. On areas with a large number of structures, you can quickly grow larger by focusing on eating these structures.

Don't bother trying to consume other players unless there's nothing else to eat or they're cornered in a corner where they're easy to absorb.

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  • Compete to become an all-consuming black hole in a match.
  • Play a selection of maps set in various time periods and locales
  • Expand and absorb complete villages and cities
  • Timed and deathmatch game modes

Date of Launch

In June 2018, the game was first released for iOS and Android mobile platforms. Since July 2018, the internet edition is accessible.

Voodoo designed the developer Hole.io. You should also check out Paper.io, an additional excellent.io game!

Are Hole.io games available online?

Yes, you may play Hole.io on your mobile devices and in your web browser.

Are the players of Hole.io real or bots?

The other players in Hole.io are all bots.

How is Hole.io played?

Move the black hole using your mouse.

What is the maximum hole size in Hole.io?

Map size determines the maximum size of a hole in Hole.io.


Move the black hole using your mouse.