Destiny 2: Light gg's God Roll Finder is now live, and the game's user interface elements have been revealed.

A Destiny 2 item tracker website has just released a new feature to aid gamers in locating their chosen god roll weapon.

destiny is perhaps one of the top "Destiny" item tracker websites, since it is committed to creating innovative solutions to keep Guardians engaged and enthusiastic about the online-only shooter. Consequently, the website has lately introduced a new tool to assist gamers with locating their desired Curated Rolls.


Reddit user u/Eander (afpac) just announced on the Destiny subreddit that he's released a new function called the God Roll Finder. According to the Redditor, the purpose of the tool is to make it simple for every "Destiny 2" player to determine which weapons are compatible with the perks of their choosing, without having to sift through the entire roster of equipment.


The operation of the new tool

In his piece, Afpac explained how this new feature operates. In his example, a player seeking a hand cannon that can roll with Outlaw and Dragonfly need only select these perks and search for the weapon using the God Roll Finder. The result was the Nation of Beasts hand cannon, as it is the only weapon on the lineup capable of rolling with that combination simultaneously. The program also distinguishes between god and random roll weapons by highlighting them in red and blue on the results page, respectively.


The Redditor remarked that the tool's current pick rewards are somewhat minimal.

However, he informed players that he will make other enhancements to the game in the next weeks so that they will be able to enjoy it more "maximize the adaptability of the filtering capabilities."


Destiny 2 UI components have been released to fans.

On the other side, Ryan Klaverweide, the Visual Design Lead at Bungie, has now released all of the user interface elements used in "Destiny 2." The "D2" community has shown a great deal of interest in these photographs, which were published on Adobe's Behance website.


Initially, majors were known as Elites.

These UI elements were also posted on the Destiny subreddit, where they received numerous upvotes. However, some Reddit users were confused by a specific UI asset that displayed a health bar model with the text "Elite Combatant." They emphasized that such a feature did not exist in the game.

During "D2's" development, the development team "internally" referred to "Majors" as "Elite." The Bungie employee further stated that he cannot even recollect the word being used in retail.