Best Online
Master's Degrees
of 2022

Online master's degrees can help you obtain advanced skills while juggling life's
responsibilities. We created the first rankings list that incorporates student
outcomes, such as salary and debt, to help you decide if an online master's
program is ideal for you by exposing which online schools have the best ROI (ROI).
Top colleges provide online master's degrees in business, computer science, and
education. Below, we compare in-person versus online master's programs and
discuss if enrollment is worth it.

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What you need to know ;

Annual Tuition :

The tuition rates reflect the annual tuition for the degree level that was indicated, and were determined by manual research. In cases where the level of education sought is not mentioned, bachelor's level tuition was charged. Unless in-state tuition was made available to all online students, payments were made using tuition from another state. Figures were verified and found to be correct at the time of publishing; however, current tuition prices should be verified with the respective university. Move your mouse pointer over the amount of tuition listed below to see how we arrived at each school's tuition cost.

ROI Score :

The ROI score is a percentile indication of the return on investment that can be expected from each institution's online degree programs.

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RankSchoolAnnual TuitionROI Score
# 1 Fordham University$47,78897.0%
# 2 University of California - Berkeley$26,81796.9%
# 3 Northwestern University$19,37390.7%
# 4 Columbia University in the City of New York$34,91585.2%
# 5 Johns Hopkins University $28,50584.9%
# 6 California State University-Northridge $13,95084.1%
# 7 George Mason University$13,30583.1%
# 8 St. John's University$22,18581.4%
# 9 University of Maryland - College Park$13,92081.2%
# 10 Seton Hall University$20,57680.2%
# 11 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University$16,57578.5%
# 12 University of Washington - Seattle$26,50578.4%
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RankSchoolAnnual TuitionROI Score
# 13 Duke University$20,50077.9%
# 14 Saint Joseph's University$14,32877.3%
# 15 Norwich University$17,25677.2%
# 16 University of Massachusetts - Amherst$21,54576.5%
# 17 National University $10,16676.3%
# 18 Georgia Institute of Technology$16,50074.9%
# 19 University of Michigan-Flint$15,77672.7%
# 20 Washington State University$9,14772.6%
# 21 Mercy College$16,68672.2%
# 22 California State University - Dominguez Hills$7,17671.1%
# 23 Purdue University - Main Campus$20,73070.5%
# 24 Boston University$56,85469.4%
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Our extensive list of possibilities, which includes 602 colleges and 17,283 degree programs, is available to students who are interested in obtaining an online master's degree and can be accessed by clicking here. The following comprehensive list of online master's programs covers accredited programs in subjects such as accounting, computer science, healthcare administration, management, nursing, and nutrition. The list also highlights the number of online programs that are accessible in each field of study. The earnings in the first year following graduation were used in the calculation of average salary for each program. These earnings were obtained from the 2020 version of the College Scorecard published by the Department of Education.