For anyone in search of an NFT monitoring platform that can function in real time

Moby isn't exactly well-known, but it's certainly a potent NFT monitoring tool despite its lack of popularity. It offers the most up-to-date and accurate real-time feeds and statistics for NFTs that are currently available. Moby has the potential to be of considerable assistance to NFT investors in the management and monitoring of their portfolios, as well as the assets that make up those portfolios. They can choose from shorter window durations such as ten minutes, sixty minutes, twenty-four hours, and a few more, which helps them to make decisions and take action more rapidly regarding their investments.


If you subscribe to the Pro edition of Moby, you will be able to perform more in-depth research as well as gain access to all of the data visualizations. Subscribers have access to a far wider range of useful data, which may include historical collection data, real-time feeds, NFT signals, and a vast deal of additional information.

Moby's rating system for non-fungible tokens makes it easier to find the best contracts and to determine which ones are the best for investing in. This is true for both finding the best contracts and selecting which ones are the best to invest in (NFTs). The only problem to using this system is that you cannot obtain access to all of the capabilities without paying for a subscription, and in order to get access to more in-depth monitoring information, you will need to have a membership.

About Moby

Moby is a tool that can help you make better educated decisions regarding your assets. However, the information that it provides does not represent financial advice and should not be treated as such. Please keep in mind how important it is for you to carry out your own research. Look for projects that are providing results at a rapid rate and prioritize working on those. For example, we can see from this vantage point that the Borpacasso minting process has totally monopolized the live broadcast! This suggests that it might be common, therefore it would be useful to learn more about it if it turned out to be the case that it was. The Total chart provides an overview of the overall total or cumulative number of mint transactions for the period of time that was provided. You may get a sense of how widespread something is by using this information. You can get an estimate of how much more gas you need to set by looking at the gas pricing. This can help you front-run other transactions that are taking place on a busy network. You can check the gas cost, for instance, if there are only 200 supplies available but 600 other people have already filed their transaction. In this scenario, there is just one supply left. In order for miners to prioritize your transaction over other pending transactions that have been made in the past, you will be required to pay a higher quantity of gas for it.


Initial Payment Amount of 0.0167 ETH per Month (starting price)