Optimism (OP) Token To Join Market Today, Centralized Exchanges Report.

According to a number of announcements made by third parties, the debut of the soon-to-be-launched governance token, which will be known as OP for Optimism, will almost probably take place today. This announcement was made by a number of different parties. In addition, once the launch has been successfully completed, the token will be made accessible for purchase on exchanges that are under strict regulation.

A number of additional marketplaces, including OKX, LBank, MEXC, and AAX, have each released a blog entry on their respective websites, in which they announce their plans to make the Optimism token available for purchase at a variety of different periods over the remaining portion of today. The announcements were written up as blog articles and posted on the website. Even though Optimism has made statements on a number of different occasions in the past, none of those statements can be considered official at this time because the company has not yet issued an official announcement.

Optimism is a rollup-based Layer 2 network, which means that it enables Ethereum apps to carry out transactions that are both faster and cheaper while still keeping the same level of security as the original Ethereum blockchain.

Optimism's very own cryptocurrency serves as the driving force behind an innovative new form of governance, the particulars of which were disclosed to the public by the company around a month ago. The coin that Optimism uses is the engine that makes the whole system go. A procedure known as a "retroactive airdrop" will be used to distribute the initial supply to clients. This is a fancy term that literally translates to "delivering it to them at an earlier instant in time." The retroactive airdrop is a process that will be used. This is going to happen as soon as the supply is finally made available. These users will consist of people who already play an active role on Ethereum as well as people who have already started using Optimism. Signers of multi-signature wallets, voters in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and Gitcoin contributors will each receive some of the cryptocurrency from the initial supply, for example. Similarly, Gitcoin donors will also receive some of the cryptocurrency. On March 25, an address reference list that described all of their various locations was compiled. The list included all of the pertinent information.

According to the data that was presented in the very first statement that the company made available to the public, a total of 214 million OP tokens were dispersed among 248,000 different addresses (5 percent of the total 4.29 billion supply). The other side of the coin is that it was subsequently discovered that 17,000 of these addresses were inaccurate, which brought the total number of addresses that were predicted down to 231,000.

At the time of the fundraising round that took place in March, it was estimated that the Optimism project had a value of around $1.65 billion at that point in time. This investment round was headed by Paradigm and was led by Paradigm; as a result, the company obtained a total of $150 million in funding as a result of this investment round.