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Detailed Instructions for Creating a Fun Online Quiz

An online "pub quiz" is an excellent exercise for developing or strengthening team bonds. It's a good time that can be had everywhere and at any time thanks to how simple it is to execute. All that is required is an engaging topic, some thought-provoking questions, and an audience that is eager to have a good time. And, of course, a few of fantastic tricks up your sleeve that would assist you in providing a memorable experience in the form of a quiz. In this article, we will walk you through thirteen helpful hints that will assist you in accomplishing the aforementioned goals and more. It's go time! Let's hop right in.


Make sure you use the appropriate platform.

Find out the several ways in which you can administer a test by making use of your preferred video conferencing platform if you already have one. You can conduct a Slido Quiz right from within the platform that you use for your Webex meetings if you use Webex, just like we do. Launching a quiz in a Webex meeting is really simple and quick now that Slido has been incorporated into Webex. To do so, start your Webex meeting, select the Slido icon in the right-hand side panel where it says 'Apps,' and then choose 'Quiz.'

You may now start adding your questions. When you are ready, click the "Launch" button. Your attendees will be able to make an educated guess at the correct response by using the panel on the right-hand side of their Webex window, bypassing the need for any switching devices. Are you utilizing Zoom Meetings? You are able to host your quiz by sharing your screen with the people who are taking it, after you have created it in Slido, opened it in fullscreen mode.


Get your quiz ready by deciding on a topic and compiling a list of questions.

Let's come up with some interesting inquiries to ask you once you've decided on your apparatus for taking the test. Find a topic that will keep people interested in your test. Which will it be this time: questions on music popular in the 1990s, capital cities around the world, or Harry Potter facts? You may also take this test on the realities of remote work or this one on the ins and outs of social media. You now have access to two additional choices within Slido that will assist you in conceiving of fantastic quiz questions.

  • Use a quiz template Within your Slido account, you will find various excellent quiz templates to choose from. The instructions for using the templates are as follows.
  • Use Random quiz question generator We just recently implemented a new function that will provide you with as many quiz questions as you like to answer. Simply navigate to the upper right corner of your quiz settings window and click on the icon that looks like a magic cube.


To break up the monotony of the conversation, think of a variety of questions.

The two coworkers, Kristina and Zuzana, who are in charge of organizing our frequent webinars and pub quizzes have provided the following helpful advice. They suggest that you come up with a variety of questions to choose from in order to break up the pattern of your pub quiz and to make it more engaging.

For instance, some of the questions may be posed in the traditional format of multiple choice, while others may consist of brief true or untrue assertions. You can also include a photo in the quiz question, and then inquire of the participants as to what they think the picture depicts.


Be ready with additional information and specifics pertaining to each question.

It is a waste of an opportunity to simply provide the correct answer without also offering a more comprehensive background into the topic. To ensure that your quiz is as informative as it can be, you should come prepared with some interesting anecdotes or additional information pertaining to the topic being tested. Your attendees will pick up a wealth of new information through this method.


Go over the test questions and answers in advance.

This particular one is of the utmost significance. Make sure you have at least one practice run through of the test before the session so that you are not taken off guard. You should try it out with some of your close friends or members of your family. They will point out some minor issues that you can then improve upon. When you take a practice round of the quiz, it will also help you determine whether the questions are too challenging for you, or whether they are, on the other hand, too simple.


In order to alter the dynamic, you should have two facilitators.

You should give some thought to having two hosts in charge of the pub quiz because it will make the event more vibrant and natural. The two people in charge of the quiz can communicate with one another and take turns reading the questions.


Define how individuals can become members.

When you first go on air, you should introduce the quiz and explain what the questions will be about. Give a shout-out to the fact that you have a prize for the winner of the competition as well. By doing so, you will get the participants suitably warmed up. It is also very vital to make sure that the people that participate in your quiz are aware of how to join in and continue playing along with it.

Clarify the directions for joining, and make sure everyone understands them before repeating them at least once, until you are certain that everyone is on the same page and prepared to play. You can also instruct the people taking the quiz to contact you through the chat function of the platform they are using to participate in the video conference if they are having problems joining in.


Play some music in the background.

As your participants are signing up for the quiz, make the waiting time as easy as possible for them. Play some upbeat music, and maintain eye contact with the people in the crowd. You might also give some thought to playing music during the entirety of the test; however, you must ensure that the music is not distracting and is not played at an inappropriate volume.


Verbalize each of the questions and the available options.

Even if your participants are able to view the questions and alternatives displayed on their own devices, it is imperative that you always read the questions and options aloud to them. This may appear to be something that should go without saying. A more engaged and lively atmosphere will be created as a result of this as well. After you have revealed the correct answer to your participants, you should comment on how they voted and then elaborate on the correct solution.


Display the overall standings and congratulate the winner.

After the test is over, the leaderboard should be shown. Congratulate the winner and give them a loud shout-out for earning the reward. Give them a lot of praise. Be sure to include detailed details on how the winner should get in touch with you in order for you to be able to send them the award. Put your contact email address, for instance, somewhere prominent on the screen.


Don't forget to honor those who came in second place.

While the scoreboard is being presented, it is appropriate to also recognize the individuals who came in second and third place. The victor isn't always determined in the first few seconds, but the runners-up performed an outstanding job, too.


Ask your quiz participants for feedback

You have to be curious about how well you did on the test as well as how much fun it was for the other people who took it. You can improve the quality of your subsequent test by using the feedback you receive. Make a quick survey for customer comments, like the one shown below:

  • How did you enjoy today's quiz? (Rating)
  • How would you rate the length of the quiz: too short, too lengthy, or about right? (Multiple choice)
  • Would you join again? Yes/No (Multiple choice)
  • Do you have any feedback or recommendations on how we might make improvements?