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A game similar to territorial.io : Paper.IO

Strategies, Hints, Cheats, and Tips for Paper.io 2 (Voodoo) to Help You Get an Advantage Over Other Players

If you enjoy playing games on your mobile device and were a big fan of Voodoo's popular title Paper.IO, then you are going to adore the sequel to that game, which is called Paper.io 2. Paper.io 2 is a game that can be played on mobile devices running Android and iOS. The objective of the game is to use your color to take over as much of the board as possible before losing. In Paper.io, players were only allowed to move in a square pattern; however, in this game, you will be free to travel in any way. The board itself is shaped like a circle. Although earning a high score is challenging, it is not inconceivable to do so if one puts in the effort. It is our hope that our Paper.io 2 guide, which includes a number of helpful hints and suggestions, will be of assistance to you in achieving the elusive perfect score of one hundred percent. Keep reading and be sure to check all the cheats, tips, and techniques that we have listed below for Paper.io 2!

1. Become Skilled in the Art of Space Conquest

Take out your foes while you try to stay alive.

If you want to expand your territory on the board, you must first go into the unoccupied land and then return to your color to complete the form you were working on. Once you have done so, that space will be added to your territory, and it will remain a part of it until either another player claims it or you are eliminated from the game. It is of the utmost importance to return to your color before an adversary cuts your line. You are eliminated if he makes the cut.

2. Use a Strategic Approach to Conquer New Lands

Keep an eye out for formations that enable for easy grabs.

If you educate yourself on how to swiftly and securely take control of new territory, the path to a perfect score will be less bumpy than you may imagine. One sensible tactic would be to keep an eye out for geographical features, like peninsulas, that provide cover for swift, risk-free conquests of huge swaths of territory. There will be occasions when you get to witness players passing away not as a result of being cut by an opponent but rather as a result of cutting themselves. Take care to ensure that you do not repeat this error.

3. Be sure to guard your domain.

Use strategy and eliminate all of your opponents from the game.

Catching other players off guard when they are outside of their region and cutting their transparent line is the most effective tactic you can employ against them to defend your territory. They will be fully removed from the board if you do it this manner. If another player uses this strategy against you, you have the option of gaining an extra life by watching an advertisement film. You will regain your position in the game, and both your percentage score and the form of your region will remain the same.

4. Engage in combative play.

Don't avoid your opponents

If you play the game in an aggressive manner and try to finish it off whenever you get the chance, you will have a much better chance of getting a perfect score. You shouldn't strive to dodge your opponents; instead, you should focus on eliminating them all. When you eliminate an opponent from the game, the playing field is reduced by one space. So give it your best shot!

5. Trick Your Competitors Into Entering Your Home Field

Get easy kills

You and your opponent will both perish if you are in neutral territory when you collide head-on with an opponent, unless you are able to get back into your area within one square of the location where you were hit. A great number of players are unaware of the fact that if you are within of your area when you smash headfirst into an opponent, the other player will be the one to lose their life. Therefore, you need employ strategic gameplay and acquire simple kills by drawing your opponents into your region.

We have high hopes that you will find our cheats, hints, and tips for Paper.io 2 to be of use and that you can get the elusive perfect score of 100 percent! Have a good time, and don't forget to tell us about your experience playing Paper.io 2!