Tetris is a video game that was developed in 1985 by a Russian game designer named Alexey Pajitnov. The objective of the game is for players to rotate falling blocks in such a way as to complete levels. Pajitnov asserted that he came up with the name of the game by fusing the Greek prefix tetra, which designates the fact that each block is comprised of four squares, with the English word tennis.

Tetris is regarded as a classic video game due to the fact that it has been ported to an overwhelming majority of different computer and electronic gaming platforms. Tetris games almost always have the same gameplay mechanics, despite the fact that numerous sequels have been developed. As blocks of varying sizes and shapes fall from the top of the screen at varying rates of speed, the player is tasked with rotating and rearranging the blocks so that they form an uninterrupted horizontal row on the display. Completed rows vanish from view as soon as one or more continuous rows are created by the player. The objective of the game is to delay for as long as you can the point at which the blocks reach the top of the screen and begin to stack there. The overall gameplay of subsequent iterations of the game typically retained a high degree of similarity to that of the original Tetris, despite the inclusion of a variety of game modes and distinctive twists.

The Tetris franchise was subjected to years of litigation surrounding licensing rights; yet, this did not prevent the game from being featured on Nintendo's Game Boy, which is where it grew to prominence and became a global phenomenon. Later versions, on the other hand, infuriated Tetris enthusiasts because they included a function known as "infinite spin," which gave the player more time to put a block by swiftly rotating the block as it descended. These purists objected to the "infinite spin" mechanic.

Play Tetris Classic!!!

  • Keys

  • Start - Return

  • Select - Shift

  • Up - Up

  • Down - Down

  • Left - Left

  • Right - Right

  • B - Keyboard: Z

  • A - Keyboard: X

How To Play ?

Players are challenged in the game of Tertris to deftly rotate, maneuver, and drop a procession of Tetriminos into a rectangular Matrix as they fall at increasing rates. The objective of the game is for players to clear as many lines as they can by completing horizontal rows of blocks without leaving any empty space between them; however, the player's turn is over when the Tetriminos reach the Skyline! Although it can seem simple at first glance, a little bit of planning and quick thinking can go a long way! Do you think you're up to the challenge?