How do you get a URL for Steam Trade?

As we've already said, you need to give someone your valid and working Trade URL in order to trade with them. Each account can only have one unique Trade URL in use at a time. Follow the steps below to make a new CS:GO Trade URL.

First, click on Trade Offers in your inventory. You'll see a window with all the trade offers and some options on the right. Go to the right side of the page and click on "Who Can Send Me Trade Offers?" This should bring up a page with a summary of all the settings for receiving, accepting, and sending trade offers for your account. The privacy of your inventory will also be shown at the top of the page. We're looking at the bottom of the page, though. Scroll down to the section called "Third-Party Sites" at the bottom. Here, you'll find information about how to trade with other sites. Also, you'll be able to see your Trade URL in the bracket. Every Steam account has a Steam Trade URL, but you can make a new one at any time. Why? This has mostly to do with safety.

Is giving out your Steam URL safe?

It is safe to give your Steam URL to someone else. Skinwallet, like most trading sites, is based on trust and has its own security. But shady sites, copycats, and strange gambling sites may try to steal your information. Also, if you know a specific account's Steam Trade URL, you can send trade offers to that account. Because of this, some of the more complex scams, such as the Web API Key scam, use Trade URL as one of their tools.

First, a side like this can get into your account. You might have used your Steam account information to log in to a fake or strange website that turned out to be a phishing site. Because of how Steam limits trading, scammers can't take your items unless they have access to your phone and the Steam Mobile authenticator. But because they have access to your account, they can keep track of all the money that comes in and goes out. When they find a "gift transaction," in which items only go one way, they send their copycat bots that pretend to be real trading bots or trading accounts and send the same offer. All of a sudden, you get four or five offers from accounts that are the same or almost the same. Which is the right answer? What are the fake deals?

Lucky for us, it's not easy to copy a whole account. Scammers usually only use the same user name and avatar picture, so we strongly advise you to always check the account you're trading with for all telltale signs.

If scam accounts and offers bother you, you can stop them from accessing your Steam API Key, reset your Steam Trade URL, and change the password for your Steam account.

There are different ways to find your Steam Trade URL.

As was said before, going to your Inventory is the most natural and hands-on way. Then go to Trade Offers and choose "Who Can Send Me Trade Offers?" At the bottom of this page, you can find your Steam Trade URL. You will also be able to make a new one if you want to or need to.

Also, most third-party trading sites have a section in their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about how to find and make a new Steam Trade URL. In this way, we are alike.

At Skinwallet, you can click in two places and go straight to your Steam Trade URL page. One is the window where you put money in. On the right side, at the top of the Selection Overview, there is a button called Edit Trade URL. This will take you to the URL for your Steam Trade. You can also go to Settings and scroll down to the "Steam Trade URL" field. Under that, there's a button called "Find trade URL." It's pretty much the same link. Regardless of where you go to find your Steam Trade URL, make sure you click "Change details." If you don't, your changes won't be kept.