Play Venge.IO instructions

  • LMB - Shoot
  • RMB or Shift - Aim Down Sight
  • WASD - Move
  • Space Bar - Jump
  • Scroll Wheel - Switch Between Weapons
  • R - Reload Weapons
  • E - Melee attack
  • F - Throw Grenade
  • B - Buy
  • H - Dance
  • Enter - Chat
  • Escape - Leaderboards
  • Hold B - Turn Cards

A first-person shooter game with a mission-based objective system! Killing your enemy and you may acquire cards and powers as well. Four unique heroes, five unique maps, and a large number of community maps.

With the ability cards available in the game, every match is an exciting, one-of-a-kind encounter. The multiplayer FPS game features capture-the-flag gameplay. Choose a character and a weapon before jumping into the action. You will be allowed to change your weapon upon respawn. In total, there are four: Scar, Shotgun, Tec-9, and a sniper rifle. On the menu, you may also ask your friends to play against you, which is far more entertaining. The game's gameplay and visuals are excellent, so you will not become bored.

Game Modes and Maps

Sierra - POINT

In a desert-like map, you play a game mode akin to capture-the-flag/domination. The goal is to stay in the green zone to gain tier skills (Flag Point). The capture time ranges between 1 and 2 minutes.

Mistle - PAYLOAD

In a small town-like map, you play a novel new game mode. This game mode's purpose is to push a minecart to the opponent's side. This is accomplished by standing in the green area surrounding the trolley. You can unleash your powers within this green zone.

Tundra - GUNGAME

In a winter-like map, you play the classic game mode gun-game. The goal is to try out all of the weaponry. With each kill, you advance in rank and gain access to a new weapon.


In a temple-like map, you play a game mode in which you must collect 'Black Coins' after killing someone. The idea is to gather these coins after murdering someone and then 'deliver' them to the temple's green section.


Maps and game modes made by the community can be found under the 'custom' tab. You can see how many people are online and how many people voted for each personalized map. You can make your own map and game mode in the 'Map Editor.' Remember to share and play your invention with your friends!


You can play as one of four different heroes: Lilium, Shin, Echo, or Kulu. Each character has unique powers and play styles. Lilium's main ability is a grenade that deals area damage. She also has a melee ability that allows her to deal close-range damage with a hammer. Shin's main ability is the shuriken, which deals damage and has the capacity to cast a spell on the opponent. He also has a melee ability that allows him to dash into an enemy and do damage. Echo's main ability is a throwing axe that deals damage and can cast a spell on an opponent. He also has a melee ability, a grappling hook that you can aim at something and let it grapple you towards it. Kulu, a new character, has arrived. We dare you to explore his powers for yourself.


Scar, AK47, M4 (Assault Rifles), Shotgun, Tec-9 (SMG), Sniper, Light Machine Gun (LMG), and Desert Eagle are among the eight weapons available (pistol).