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Different Options to the Yellow Pages

Small businesses can benefit from using the Yellow Pages as a source of effective advertising; nevertheless, display advertisements can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. Other forms of advertising, like as online directories, cooperative direct mail, billboards, radio, targeted e-mails, and even search engine placement, are available and can reduce advertising costs significantly. The marketing or advertising department of a company needs to experiment with a variety of vehicles in order to identify the optimal advertising mix.

The Internet's Directories

When compared to print Yellow Pages, the cost of many online directories and online Yellow Pages is far lower. It is time for you to start thinking about going online to do research, as an increasing number of people are already doing so. These days, people go online to look up information on everything from restaurants and cars to movie listings. It's possible that the publisher of your Yellow Pages has some unique arrangements for advertising online. Conduct a search on the internet to find sources of online directories.

Mailings via Cooperative Direct

There are a lot of little businesses out there, and many of them advertise in direct mail periodicals or joint mailings. Harte Hanks, Valpak, JB Dollar Stretcher, and Reach magazine are just a few examples of the many publishers in this category. When it comes to advertising in the same product category, many companies will only accept a certain number of different restaurants as customers. The provision of a coupon as an alluring inducement to customers to visit one's place of business is the essential component of a successful cooperative direct mailing.


One more option outside the Yellow Pages is to look for information via billboards. According to the article 'Billboard Advertising' on gaebler.com, billboards are a somewhat cost-effective form of advertising when compared to printed Yellow Pages and other types of advertising sources. In addition, a corporation that wants to make a change can remove its advertisement from the billboard, have it redesigned, and then publish it again, if necessary. An advertisement in the Yellow Pages, on the other hand, has to be maintained until the following year. There are numerous varieties of billboards, ranging from the more conventional ones to those that are created using digital technology. Find out which billboard offers the most value for your advertising dollars.


Radio, much like the printed Yellow Pages, is an extremely well-targeted kind of media. According to target-response.com, advertising on the radio is a very efficient method for businesses to produce high-quality leads in their sales pipeline. The majority of radio stations cater to a particular subset of the population. For instance, the age range of 35 to 54 years old might be targeted by an oldies radio station. Radio is going to prove to be a very powerful marketing tool for any firm that is interested in reaching people of this generation. When compared to advertising in other mediums, such as the Yellow Pages, radio advertising tends to have a lower cost per impression.

Frequency Programs

Rewarding clients based on the amount they spend or the number of times they make purchases is the essential component of loyalty and frequency programs. A card issued by the employer is the most effective tool for keeping tabs on employees' spending habits. You might start out marketing your program through direct mail or with brochures that are displayed at points of purchase. Request clients' names, street addresses, and even email addresses during the registration process. You will be able to send out coupons occasionally using the provided email address.

Optimizing Results for Search Engines

When users look for products using search engines like google.com or yahoo.com, it is possible for a company's ad and listing to appear on the first page of results through the use of search engine optimization (SEO). However, in order to increase your ranking and possibly move up to the number one or two spot, you will need to locate someone who specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and who understands how to employ specific keywords and phrases. You can find such businesses by searching the internet or looking in the phone book.