Zombs.io - Potentially the Top Survival IO Game.

Zombs.io is a brand-new tower defense.io game that is expected to dominate the market within days.

Currently, the majority of.io game creators appear to be focusing on survival games. Moomoo.io, Starve.io, Glor.io, and now Zombs.io have all been released in the past few months. In addition, I know a few developers that are still developing their survival.io games.

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However, why would Zombs.io be the finest of all?

Zombs.io's expansion

Let's begin by examining how the game is promoted. As with the majority of.io games, the developers have promoted the game on.io game aggregator websites. This acts as the game's launching pad and is typically adequate to keep the ball moving and attract the attention of other YouTubers.

Once YouTubers begin creating material about a game, that game experiences a substantial increase in traffic. Zombs.io has taken this a step further; the developer is now directly collaborating with Curse. And Curse is going out all the stops, likely due to the fact that their ad network is paving the road for Zombs.io's success.

The vast ad network of Curse, which is dispersed throughout numerous prominent websites such as Minecraftforums.net and Gamepedia.com, generates substantial traffic for Zombs.io. Simply disable your ad blocker and visit these websites; Zombs.io advertisements will appear everywhere.

Playing Zombs.io:

You may be forgiven for mistaking Zombs.io for Moomoo.io when you begin playing for the first time. The game's visuals and gameplay are uncannily identical. Even the basic premise of accumulating resources to create a base is same. Then, once you've placed your gold chest, everything will alter.

The objective of the game is to accumulate as much gold as possible and to remain alive for as long as possible. By depositing your gold chest, you progress to the next phase of the game, survival, in which you must acquire gold by building gold mines.

The gold chest attracts zombies with the intent to destroy it. Your current objective is to safeguard the chest at all cost. You have hopefully been gathering wood and stone by striking trees and rocks. You can now utilize these materials to construct a fort around your gold chest, therefore protecting it. So long as the zombies do not breach the walls.

You can also construct defense structures, such as cannon towers, ballista towers, bomb towers, and magic towers. These constructions fire projectiles at the zombies in an attempt to kill them. Consequently, you will see another day.

You do not confront the same uninteresting undead repeatedly. Waves are used in the game. Survive one wave, and the next will be more challenging. Each wave is accompanied by darkness, affording you the opportunity to rebuild and fortify your base. To improve your base, you can also improve your structures.

Clearly, the game mixes the survival elements of Moomoo.io and combines them with the enormously popular gameplay of the tower defense genre.

Closing Ideas

Even though the game is heavily inspired by Moomoo.io, Zombs.io does its own thing quite well. As with most tower defense games, the game is both entertaining and highly addictive.

The fact that Curse is driving traffic to the website will only serve to propel this game to the top of the charts. Greater traffic will result in more media coverage, and the situation will begin to deteriorate.

Zombs.io appears poised to devour its rivals.