Best iPhone AI Music apps to generate music automatically


Since its inception 14 years ago, Apple's GarageBand has assisted millions of Mac users in creating electronic music. Later, the app was released for the iPhone and iPad, allowing creators to make music on the go. With the help of artificial intelligence, however, music composition on digital devices is currently making a significant advance.

Apps that employ machine learning and AI to autonomously generate music on an iPhone with minimal user input have been developed by programmers. These applications can even generate original music from your body movements and the surrounding environment. See below for details.


Holon is a truly ingenious music-creation app that uses your body movements, environment, and (if you have an Apple Watch) heart rate to generate original music. The application generates music that is so synchronized with the activity you are performing. You will discover that the music is in harmony with your dance actions if you attempt to dance with it.

Holon is available on the App Store for free download. To add compatibility for Apple Watch, however, a fee of $3.99 is required.

endel: concentrate, unwind, and rest

The algorithm-driven software Endel seeks to provide users with an immersive music experience depending on instant internal and external circumstances such as location, time zone, weather, and pulse rate.

On the App Store, Endel is available as a 7-day free trial download. Thereafter, you have the choice of purchasing a monthly subscription for $2.99, an annual subscription for $17.99 - 24.99, or a lifetime license for $89.99.


Mubert has a variety of music channels designed to help you concentrate, work, study, dream, fall in love, and live. Simply select a channel that corresponds to your mood or activities, and the app's AI-driven algorithms will play a personalized music stream.

Mubert is available for free download from the App Store, although certain music channels require a $0.99 fee.

The ChillScape: Sonic Meditation

ChillScape is an AI-powered meditation instructor. Its algorithm employs sound therapist-developed concepts to assist slow heart rate, drop blood pressure, and reduce levels of stress chemicals.

Powered by an AI-driven generative audio engine, the application gives a perpetually developing experience as you progress with new sounds.

ChillScape may be downloaded for $2.99 from the App Store.


Despite not being an AI-driven app, SoundForest is a highly cool tool that allows you to create incredible music in mere seconds with only a few taps. It is a fun app to utilize.

Soundforest is available for free download on the App Store with a limited amount of (but sufficient) content. A one-time payment of $1.99 is required to activate all of the app's functionality.