There are seven distinct ways to discover the email addresses of Chinese companies.

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1-) Download and install the Hunter add-on for your browser. A shortcut to it can be discovered on my Chrome browser after installation. When viewing a website, I simply click the icon depicting a hunter to see a list of email addresses that may be present on the page. In addition, Hunter contributes to Chinese websites.

2-) On a website, scroll to the very bottom of the homepage. It has come to my attention that many Chinese companies display their customer support email addresses at the bottom of their homepages. This piece of advice is particularly useful in instances where Hunter cannot identify any email addresses. For instance, I recently visited and discovered one email address at the bottom of the homepage, despite Hunter's assertion that there were none.

3-) Please review the part on the English language. If the Chinese website that you are viewing also offers English-language content, you should examine that as well. In some instances, the Chinese section does not have access to some email addresses displayed in the English section.

4-) Locate the Chinese character (contact) on your website. To open the 'search' box in Chrome, for instance, simultaneously press the Ctrl and F buttons. Copy and paste the Chinese text from this location into the slot below. If the search produces a link, you can click it to access the contact page and conduct an email address search there.

5-) Be sure to consult Crunchbase. Crunchbase also includes information about Chinese firms. For example, if you search for 'Codemao,' which is the name of a company that teaches Chinese children how to code, you will see their email address in the image below.

6-) Perform a whois search. Whois will occasionally supply a contact email address, despite the fact that it is currently more challenging to discover domain ownership information. is my go-to tool-finding resource. If you conduct a search for ',' for instance, the domain registrant's email address will be revealed.

7-) Examine the Chinese business database on Baidu. This tool is really handy; however, you must be proficient in Chinese or have someone on hand who is fluent in Chinese. Enter the name of a Chinese corporation into the search bar on For example, running a search for (Codemao) will reveal the email address for contact, as shown in the image below.

If you need to contact a Chinese company, you can use the techniques outlined in this article to attempt to gain its email addresses. Be warned that these email addresses may not reach the individuals who make domain purchase decisions.Due of this, I also utilize LinkedIn, which enables me to zero in on the CEO of a Chinese company or any other high-ranking person there. I send a brief message to the executive by using the option that enables a connection request.