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Best Healing Elixirs and Antidotes & Their Effects for the Elden Ring

The world of Elden Ring's The Lands Between can be a challenging one for newcomers, but these are the basics of the game's potions that you should be aware of.

Elden Ring has been released to widespread critical acclaim, while its world can be perilous for newcomers. The Lands Between is a breathtakingly perilous world, teeming with enemies and bosses that have made mechanics such as item management and healing techniques indispensable.

HP (Hit Points) and FP (Focus Points) potions are the most prominent ones used for healing and other stat recoveries. In addition, the Flask of Wondrous Physick allows players to be more inventive.

The Tears Of Cerulean

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The Flask of Cerulean Tears is the first of Elden Ring's most obvious and practically required potions. In addition to managing their HP, players will likely need to manage their FP for things like Magic and Skills. This makes the Flask of Cerulean Tears essential to both pure offensive physical builds and magic users.

Similar to its HP-restoring counterpart, this consumable has a limited number of charges and varying rates of potency (how much FP is restored per use) that can be replenished at Sites of Grace. Similarly, its charges can be increased with Golden Seeds, while its potency can be increased with Sacred Tears.

Flask Of Crimson Tears

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The Flask of Crimson Tears, the counterpart to the Cerulean Tears, is the only type of potion that can be used in Elden Ring. It is the equivalent of the Estus Flask from the Dark Souls series, so players of FromSoftware's previous Souls-like games will be well aware of how it operates.

It is the primary method of restoring HP, and managing its charges while exploring and engaging in combat is crucial. The Flask of Crimson Tears is also limited and replenished after resting at a Site of Grace. Its effects can be enhanced with Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears, and the charges available for both can be allocated alongside the Cerulean Tears.

Flask Of Wondrous Physick

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In addition to the primary potion, games such as Dark Souls feature supplemental consumables for managing health, stamina, and other attributes (s). In Elden Ring, players gain access to the Flask of Wondrous Physick, a third type of mainstay potion with a variety of effects. However, this potion is a bit of a technicality, as the Flask itself has no effect until players combine it with key Crystal Tear items.

Due to the open-ended nature of this gameplay mechanic, players can configure the Flask of Wondrous Physick to provide stat buffs, heal HP, replenish FP, or act as an antidote against ailments. However, players should be aware that, despite replenishing at Sites of Grace, it only carries one charge at a time.

Crimson Bubble Tear and Crimson Crystal Tear

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Once players begin experimenting with Flask of Wondrous Physick cocktails, the game becomes more complicated, but much more rewarding for those willing to put in the effort to optimize their character. The Crimson Crystal Tear and the Crimson Bubble Tear are an example of such a combination.

It is a standard and dependable mixture for those who wish to use the Flask of Mystical Physick as a secondary healing consumable. This combo heals players for 50 percent of their maximum health for a few minutes and grants a healing charge if an attack reduces their health by 20 percent or less, granting them a second chance at life.

Cerulean Hidden Tear & Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear

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In combat, the combination of the Cerulean Hidden Tear and the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear is an excellent choice for Elden Ring players who favor magic-focused builds. The Cerulean Hidden Tear is one of the few Flask of Wondrous Physick concoctions with a 15-second duration buff.

Nonetheless, for those 15 seconds, players will have an unlimited pool of FP to draw from, making it ideal for unleashing a steady stream of powerful spells. Meanwhile, the Magic-Shrouding Cracked temporarily augments the potency of magical attacks. It is a seamless blend for a short burst of devastating magic damage.