Elden Ring


Best Healing Elixirs and Antidotes & Their Effects for the Elden Ring - 2

Greenburst Crystal Tear & Greenspill Crystal Tear

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For melee-focused players, a Flask of Wondrous Physick cocktail consisting of Greenburst Crystal Tear and a similar item that increases stamina is an especially potent combination. Nonetheless, it has a fair amount of offensive and defensive adaptability. The Greenburst Crystal Tear temporarily increases the rate at which stamina is regained, which is useful when attempting to overwhelm a boss with a barrage of attacks.

Greenspill Crystal Tear, with its 15 percent increase to the player's maximum stamina, is a good complement. This stamina-enhancing concoction is ideal for shield-wielders seeking to absorb as many hits as possible, in addition to repeatedly slamming into foes to disrupt their composure and expose them to critical hits.

Thorny Fractured Tear & Greenspill Crystal Tear

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To capitalize on near-constant offense, however, the more defensive Greenspill Crystal Tear could be paired with the hard-hitting Thorny Cracked Tear to devastating effect. The previously mentioned Greenspill Crystal Tear increases the player's maximum stamina by 15%, whereas the Thorny Cracked Tear causes successive attacks to stack damage.

This is certainly a potent boon in boss fights, as players will now have more stamina with which to hack away at an enemy's health and poise. To make the most of this temporary boost, players should utilize a light, quick-hitting weapon, rather than a Greatsword or Great Hammer.

Stonebarb Cracked Tear & Greenburst Crystal Tear

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The Greenburst Crystal Tear can also be combined with an aggressive substance in the Flask of Mystical Physick. The increased rate of stamina recovery is useful for dodging and blocking, but the Stonebarb Cracked Tear is arguably one of the best ways to improve critical hits.

The Stonebarb Cracked Tear increases the chance of a player's attacks breaking an opponent's poise and exposing them to a subsequent critical hit. Having this additional stamina will allow players to maximize their chances by allowing them to execute more consecutive attacks, especially with the assistance of Elden Ring's Spirit Ash summons.

Opaline Hardtear and Wind-driven Crystal Tear

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As any veteran of FromSoftware's Souls-like games knows, The Lands Between's encounters with Elden Ring will require frequent dodge rolls. As in other video games, it is possible to dodge into attacks as well as away from them due to the temporary invulnerability frames that occur during a roll.

Taking these mechanics into account, the Windy Crystal Tear and Opaline Headtear concoction is ideal for increasing a player's evasion. The former Tear increases the duration of the "invincibility frames" during a roll, whereas the latter provides an additional safety net by increasing defense against all attacks.

Speckled Hardtear & Crimsonburst Crystal Tear

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The Speckled Hardtear and Crimsonburst Crystal Tear are two of the best defensive options for the Flask of Wondrous Physick when facing a difficult boss or enemy type that inflicts status ailments in addition to dealing heavy damage.

The former heals the player's current status condition and increases their resistance to all status conditions. The Crimsonburst Crystal Tear, on the other hand, heals the player's HP over the course of a few minutes. Combining these two tears is a good way to win a close battle of attrition against a boss.