Play Classic Minecraft

Classic Minecraft is a free adventure game, and its developer is Mojang AB. Minecraft Classic is the second version of the popular game Minecraft. Minecraft Classic is very simple to play, and it doesn’t require any download. One can play it by directly loading it in your web browser. The player has to tour and open world and can invite their friends too to be the part of the game. The game came out in 2009 and later on, its first public version came out on 17th Mayflex ntil 2010, the game did not have any crafting system.

Features of Classic Minecraft

  • Basic controls
  • 32 blocks game
  • Commands are simple
  • Play with others
  • Supports up to 9 players
  • 2D artworks
  • 3D sculptures


The game included complete microtransactions. The in-game currency was rubies, which were not the same as Minecoins.
Ruby was used to:

  • Purchase building templates
  • Purchase increases
  • Purchase the second and third crafting and smelting slots.
  • Boost the speed of your crafting and smelting chores.
  • Minecoins were also utilized as a secondary currency in Minecraft Earth, where they could be used to buy skins and apparel.


Minecraft Earth, like Ingress and Pokémon Go, was an augmented-reality adaption of the traditional Minecraft experience. The Bedrock engine was used to build the game. It included several unique gameplay elements and interactions similar to the main game.
Minecraft Earth needs an Xbox Live account.
Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors and OpenStreetMap were used to provide location-based gameplay in the game. The system synchronized the location of buildplates in multi-player by referencing items in the actual environment, resulting in a smooth experience.
The Nether and the End were announced for Minecraft Earth in a future update, but these plans were cancelled owing to the game's discontinuation on June 30, 2021.


Ender dragon farming

Ender dragon farming is the process of farming Minecraft's final boss by respawning it using end crystals and killing it with a farm mechanism, ideally with TNT, withers or a player. It does not yield any drops on its own but is one of the most powerful XP farms in the game. You can also farm end stone with this because end stone generates under the bedrock portal frame every time the dragon respawns, and torches with a system that will break them and collect them. You can even farm obsidian with this method using trapped withers in the right places, since the obsidian that makes up the end spikes/towers regenerate when the dragon is resurrected.