Best iPhone streaming music applications in 2022

Streaming music services have dominated the market for several years. Others charge a fee to listen, whereas some are free. Both, indeed. The offered content is a primary consideration when selecting a music streaming service. We have compiled a list of the top music streaming services for the iPhone, along with an explanation of why each one is significant.

Apple Songs

In June of 2015, Apple introduced its own music streaming service, Apple Music. With a $9.99 monthly subscription ($14.99 for the family plan), you can stream a massive amount of music from the company's extensive catalog of artists and download content for offline listening. In addition, you will receive personalized playlists based on your previous listening habits. You will also have access to Beats 1, a 24-hour-per-day global radio channel featuring celebrity DJs playing their favorite songs. It has everything you could want in a music service, and it also has a beautiful design.

Apple Music is the best option if you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, and/or Apple TV (or a combination of these devices). Apple Music costs $10 per month for a single subscription and $15 per month for a family plan (free during the 3-month trial). It is in your Music app.

Apple Music is embedded within the iOS Music app, thus no additional download is required.


Spotify is undoubtedly Apple Music's greatest competitor and one of the largest music streaming services available. With a $10 monthly subscription (or $15 for a family membership), you can stream music from the company's vast catalog and download content for offline listening. A perk of Spotify is its free tier, which allows you to listen to any song in shuffle mode on iPhone and iPad without paying a fee. It now incorporates podcasts, allowing you to listen to your favorite shows without needing to download a separate app.

Spotify is the best alternative to Apple Music if you desire access to all music and more.

YouTube Music & Google Play Music

Recent modifications to YouTube Red by Google have resulted in a tiered service. The first, YouTube Music, features official albums, many playlists, and artist radio. Additionally, there are hundreds of live performances, cover versions, and official music videos available at your fingertips.

The version of YouTube Music supported by advertisements is free to use. Or, you can upgrade to YouTube Music Premium for $10 per month, which includes background listening (you don't need to keep the app open to continue playing videos) and offline downloads. In addition, there are no advertisements.

Google Play Music(opens in a new tab) members are aware that YouTube Red is included in their subscription. As YouTube Red changes to YouTube Music, Google Play Music members will have access to YouTube Music Premium instantly. Google will eventually replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music Premium, but not until the firm figures out how to incorporate the ability for users to upload their personal music library, which is scheduled to occur sometime in 2019.

If you're also a fan of YouTube's original content, you can pay an additional $2 on top of the standard subscription price to upgrade to YouTube Premium, which includes everything you get with YouTube Music Premium plus original movies and TV shows.

Amazon Music

If you have Amazon Prime, the Amazon Music application is phenomenal. You can choose from the company's extensive catalog of songs. Various musical genres are available for online streaming. There are playlists for a variety of activities, including book reading, dinner parties, and more. You can listen to stations with themes such as "All '80s," "Classic Rock," and "Baroque," as well as stations that feature performers such as The Beatles and Bruno Mars. Amazon Music offers a tremendously extensive catalog of music, although it does not delve deeply enough into certain subgenres. In addition, you receive an infinite amount of skips, and hands-free listening is enabled with Alexa integration.

This app is a must-have for Amazon Prime members. Even if you pay for another music service, it's worth having because it's included in the membership price.

Amazon Music Unlimited is the streaming music service's premium offering. You have access to over 10 million songs (five times as much as the Prime membership's basic plan), you can download music for offline listening, and you can have Alexa play certain songs through your Echo or Dot. Monthly costs for tiers range between $8 and $15.


Remember when Kanye West stated that his new album "Life of Pablo" would never, ever, ever be available on Apple? Because it is an exclusive release on TIDAL, Jay-music Z's streaming service. With exclusive material, playlists selected by superstars, and artist-first remuneration, this relatively new streaming media service is building a reputation for itself in the industry. It is also packed with new and popular music video content. Streaming songs in MP3 quality is available for $10 per month, or you can upgrade to the High-Definition tier for a nominal fee to listen to songs in CD quality. The selected content is mainly weighted toward hip-hop, R&B, and soul music, but TIDAL has access to a variety of genres. Although not as robust as Apple Music or Spotify, it has potential. Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Macklemore are among the artists featured on some entertaining celebrity playlists.

Even though it encompasses numerous genres, if hip-hop, R&B, and soul are your favorite sounds, you will adore TIDAL. Monthly costs for tiers range from $5 to $30. (free for first 30-days).

Pandora Music

Pandora focuses on music discovery and excels at it compared to other services. It compiles content using the Music Genome Project's attribute algorithm. You may prefer playlists created by real people, but Pandora's lack of human interaction generates content that you didn't even know you liked. The idea is to click "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" on each song to customize your station to your tastes. Pandora is a streaming radio service. You can skip a limited number of songs per day for free, or you can obtain unlimited skips with a Plus or Premium subscription. The pleasure lies in being able to relax and listen to hours of music without having to switch stations.

You can create personalized stations, skip songs, and listen to your favorite stations offline with a Pandora Plus subscription. The Premium tier of Pandora focuses more on the streaming music aspect, allowing you to download any song, create playlists, and listen to music in high quality. Both paid tiers exclude ads.

If you appreciate the concept of having a complex algorithm set the tone for your day so that you don't have to do any work picking music to listen to, let Pandora guide you through a musical journey. Free with ads, $5 per month for Pandora Plus, and $10 per month for Pandora Premium. Also available for $15 per month is a Premium Family package. In addition to Premium features, the family plan includes Our Soundtrack, which selects music based on the listening preferences of each family member.


SoundCloud is a terrific way to discover new independent artists, listen to new tracks by popular musicians, and connect with other music aficionados. It is also a way for musicians to get their songs out to the world without a record deal. It is socially oriented and heavily regimented. SoundCloud is everything that Apple Music wants it could be when it comes to connecting artists with listeners. You can add music to your favorites, build playlists, and follow your friends and bands. Additionally, your followers can listen to a stream of music that you have reposted or uploaded. Creating a robust social feed is essential for maximizing SoundCloud.

SoundCloud has two premium tiers for musicians seeking global distribution of their work. For $6 per month, the Go tier provides offline access to over 120 million music from up-and-coming artists, as well as ad-free listening. The Go+ subscription for $13 a month includes all of the features of the Go subscription, plus access to over 180 million songs, including major label superstars and independent artists, with no 30-second previews.

Obtain SoundCloud if you are a musician, a friend of a musician, a fan of independent music, or the type of person who enjoys discussing music at parties.


More than 53 million songs are available on the Deezer collection. It is designed to deliver a personalised music listening experience. Your "Flow" is a playlist of songs based on the music you like, and it improves the more tracks you Like. It also offers a terrific lyric option, allowing you to amaze your pals with your knowledge of your favorite songs by reading the verses. Regarding pals, the Messages app also allows you to send great songs to your friends.

More than 53 million songs are available on the Deezer collection. It is designed to deliver a personalised music listening experience. Your "Flow" is a playlist of songs based on the music you like, and it improves the more tracks you Like. It also offers a terrific lyric option, allowing you to amaze your pals with your knowledge of your favorite songs by reading the verses. Regarding pals, the Messages app also allows you to send great songs to your friends.

Deezer is free with advertising support, or costs $10 per month for an individual plan and $15 per month for a family plan.