roblox: a complete guide to getting started



Roblox is a free-to-play gaming platform that allows anyone to create their own game and share it with others. Users can join an endless number of worlds, each of which is made up of different types of games created by other players. Roblox was first published for PCs in 2005, and then for the general public in 2006.

The world's largest interactive platform for play that allows kids to imagine, create, and play together in immersive 3D worlds, according to the Parents Guide to Roblox.

Obstacle courses, super hero training, and hide-and-seek were popular activities at my camp.

The speed with which these campers were able to create such games with the free editor astounded me. When I asked a student what they were doing, they would say things like, I'm making a game for me and my friend to play. I followed up by questioning how easy it was to construct a full game in such a short period of time, as I questioned whether he could actually do it in such a short time.


The camper built a completely new world that did not exist five minutes ago before I could even frame my next thought. Then he uploaded his universe to the Roblox website with the touch of a button, and his friend had already joined in.

This is when I knew that this new platform was unquestionably the way of the future.

how many roblox gamers are there?

According to a December 2018 Business Insider story, Roblox has 64 million users. To put that number into context, as of February 2017, Minecraft had 55 million active users.

is roblox a secure platform?

Roblox is a really safe game. Because it's a platform for kids, the company employs tight language filters in all of their chat rooms, as well as a plethora of parental controls to safeguard their child's safety. They also have no qualms about banning users who break their terms of service.

Roblox is also a member of numerous institutions and initiatives committed to preserving the safety of children on the internet, including as the Family Online Safety Institute and the kidSAFE Seal Program. (Check out our Roblox FAQ for more amazing answers.)

is roblox a free game?

Making an account on Roblox is completely free. You can then select from a variety of 'Builders Club' options to add to your child's account if you so like.

Builders Club is a monthly subscription service that allows your child's account access to a variety of features. The most significant is a monthly Robux allotment. Robux is the virtual currency that your child can use to buy and sell the items they've developed in the game.

Robux can also be used to purchase cool goods to customize your child's character (always a big hit).

is it suitable for children?

Roblox is a fantastic game for kids! It was created with children in mind. The nicest thing is that many of the maps were created by and for children. Who knows what a child desires more than other children?

what educational advantages are there?

learning how to make a roblox game is highly beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Roblox includes its own editor, which allows children to quickly download and begin creating their own environment.

The Roblox editor makes use of the Lua scripting language, which is widely used in the programming industry by many AAA companies. The Lua programming language is used by Adobe, Firefox, and World of Warcraft, so giving your child early exposure to it can help them in the future.

Roblox offers a variety of educational applications as well. It can teach level design (the fun part of a game—the gameplay), algebra and variables using Lua, and even economics using Roblox's in-game currency.