How can I determine how much time I've spent playing Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play 5v5 tactical first-person online hero shooter developed by Riot Games, the same developer as League of Legends. Microsoft Windows is the only platform supported by the game. eSports' online multiplayer competition is one of the world's fastest-growing industries. In a similar spirit, the game is among the most popular and widely played free-to-play online multiplayer games for Windows PC. Within the setting of the game, players assume the roles of futuristic operatives. When a player enters the game's primary mode, they are assigned to one of two five-person teams: either the attacking or defensive side.

The game's latest update, version 3.07, is now accessible to gamers just two weeks after the previous patch. Riot has released the 3.07 update, which contains a number of small changes and bug fixes, as well as improvements to agent performance and other areas. It does not provide a significant amount of novel information or features. However, it does offer substantial answers to a number of problems and shortcomings. It also adds a number of additional improvements.

The total length of time spent playing the game may be of interest to readers in regard to the major subject of this post. Similarly, knowing your usage data might be valuable for tracking the amount of time spent playing your game.

how to find out how long you have played valorant

Currently, there is no official method for tracking the time spent playing Valorant. Similarly, there are no in-game monitoring or tracking possibilities. However, it is possible to circumvent this restriction by monitoring your own behavior.

1. razer cortex

  • Obtain and install the Razer Cortex download ( It is a game launcher & booster)
  • You'll find the option to add Valorant in the 'Manage Game' area.
  • You'll be able to start Valorant from within the Razer Cortex app.
  • On the game's dashboard, you may determine how much time you've spent playing Valorant after that point.


  • The website should be visited.
  • Signing up for the website is complimentary, as does logging in.
  • You may now view your activity in other Riot games in addition to Valorant.


  • Using DAK.GG, you may monitor your Valorant activity. In addition, it offers a vast array of features for each game, including battleground data analytics and the esports sector.


  • Valorant can benefit from, a game tracking application. The application will detect your champions quickly and present you with a variety of statistics, recommendations, and strategies, among other things. The app also displays the overall amount of time spent playing Valorant.

5. tabstats

  • TabStats is a service that enables you to track your in-game statistics and leaderboards. You can use it to track the number of hours you spend playing Valorant and your overall performance.