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manga anime

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The essence of Steins;Gate is mad scientists and bizarre technology. Steins;Gate, widely regarded as one of the absolute must-watches of anime, follows the story of a peculiar trio devoted to outlandish inventions in the hopes of achieving a scientific breakthrough. When they achieve it, it takes the shape of a `phone microwave` that enables them to send emails into the past and affect the future.

great teacher onizuka

This anime follows Onizuka, a former leader of a delinquent bike gang who is now a high school teacher. His goals include being the world's finest educator and dating sultry high school girls. It is as outlandish as it sounds, with just the proper amount of creativity and touching moments.

the death note

Death Note depicts the narrative of Light Yagami, a highly intelligent and extremely bored high school student. By coincidence, he obtains the Death Note, a lethal notepad dropped by a shinigami, or death god, who was equally bored. Light, wielding the Death Note, vows to rid the world of evil, assuming the role of God in a corrupt civilization. Nevertheless, the advent of the world-famous investigator L puts a wrench into Light's preparations. Death Note contains an abundance of plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

ouran high school host club

This teen comedy series parodies harem anime stereotypes, starring Haruhi Fujioka, a female student who inadvertently becomes beholden to her school's all-male host club. Each guy represents a distinct `type` — the shy one, the flirtatious one, etc. Haruhi joins the host club as an employee after her androgynous appearance causes shenanigans.

hajime no ippo

Makunouchi Ippo, a high school student who is devoted to assisting his mother with the family fishing, is frequently bullied when running errands. After receiving a particularly terrible beating, a professional boxer rescues him and transports him to his boxing gym to be treated. Ippo begs him to train him after finding inspiration there. The professional boxer accepts on the basis that Ippo can perform a practically impossible goal in one week despite his reservations. Ippo's boxing career so begins.


If you grew up watching Toon Disney or dueling your own beyblades, you may discover a piece of nostalgia on YouTube, which hosts the first season in its entirety (in English). The series focuses on the main protagonist Tyson and his teammates Kai, Max, Ray, and Kenny. The five-member group, who call themselves the Bladebreakers, tour the globe from China to the United States to Russia participating in international tournaments to become global champions.

samurai champloo

Samurai Champloo is worth watching because of its fascinating character interactions. Fuu, Jin, and Mugen, a waitress, ronin, and rogue, set out throughout Japan in search of the fabled `Sunflower Samurai.` Tolerating one another while yet watching out for one another is a daily struggle on their journey. In addition, there is an abundance of magnificent scenery and backdrops in this parallel Edo period setting.

oh! super milk chan

Anime is a wellspring of absurdist humour, but translation challenges frequently prevent some of the odder material from crossing the ocean. Super Milk Chan is an exception, thankfully. On paper, the show appears to be geared towards youngsters, since it follows Milk, a 5-year-old superhero with a nasty temper and a tendency to drool, as she and her companions battle evil. Behind the vibrant visuals, however, are satirical dark comedic aspects of politics, culture, and anime itself. Oh! Super Milk Chan will appeal to you if the idea of the Powerpuff Girls with a sinister twist intrigues you.

nijiiro days

Cute and lighthearted, Nijiiro Days follows four high school classmates who are merely attempting to do their coursework while having fun and falling in love. It begins with the protagonist Natsuki falling in love with a female Santa who gave him a box of tissues as he was sobbing over his ex-girlfriend on Christmas Eve. Later, he discovers that Santa is actually a classmate called Anna, and he pursues her ardently. Meanwhile, his three friends are continuously interfering with his sweet (but occasionally cringeworthy) attempts to woo her.

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

On the surface, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya appears to be a conventional high school slice-of-life drama, but the oddball protagonist makes it anything but. Haruhi drags her pals into her self-created club, the SOS Brigade, which investigates supernatural, extraterrestrial, and time-travel-related topics. It can be viewed in two distinct orders and still make sense, or at least as much sense as possible.

spice and wolf

Spice and Wolf is an original story with a strong emphasis on commerce, retail, and economics. It takes place in an alternative, European-influenced version of Japan's historical past. The plot recounts the travels of a wolf spirit and a merchant who hopes to build his own shop one day. Their working cooperation displays an odd dynamic, while giving opportunity for a blossoming romance and intriguing plot.