How to Install Third-Party Firmware on Your Xiaomi M365 E-Scooter

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The Xiaomi m365 (also known as Xiaomi Mi) is one of the most highly regarded electric scooters. If you have already leased a Lyft or Bird scooter, its appearance will be extremely familiar. This electric scooter is entertaining to ride and perfect for commuting! However, one of the best features of the m365 scooter is that the firmware can be customized to suit your needs! It should only about 20 or 30 minutes to prepare. Let's start!

verify the compatibility of your scooter with modified firmware

This firmware hack will function on any Xiaomi m365 e-scooter with two fuses. After March 2017, the majority of m365 scooters include two fuses. To confirm your scooter has two fuses:

Discover the scooter's serial number. This information is situated on a sticker on the side of the base and will appear as seen below. There are two sections, divided by a slash. The initial section discusses the nation and hue. The second element is a distinct serial number.

Use the initial portion of the number to get information about your scooter in the following table.


You must have two fuses if you have the black European or American version. Advance to section 2 If you have the Chinese black version and the second digit of your serial number is larger than 00035000, you must have two fuses - proceed to phase 2. If you possess a white model, please continue to examine it below. a battery's history.

Connect your scooter to the Mi Home app (iOS/Android) in order to view the date of manufacture of the battery. Check the Manufacture Date after connecting your scooter to the app by seeing the Battery Info. If the battery's manufacturing date is after March 2017, you must have two fuses and you can continue with the mod.

Changing the firmware on a scooter with two fuses should be safe. If the scooter is an older model with a single fuse, it is unsafe to proceed with the firmware modification because the fuse is likely to be destroyed.

create your own firmware version 2

BotoX, a user on GitHub, has created a tool for adding custom parameters to the m365 scooter's firmware. If you're interested, you can view the source code for this Python-based, open-source application on GitHub. In fact, the source code is not what we are interested in. We will patch a custom firmware using the software on the website.

  • Open on your phone.
  • Choose options for your firmware configuration. Using the top buttons, you can begin with some default settings.
  • The website does a good job of describing the most of the settings, but I'll elaborate on a few crucial ones below.
  • When you are finished, click Patch. Save the zip file to your phone.

basic version

There is widespread agreement that 1.3.8 is the best version to use, therefore I chose that as my starting point.

I did not alter the KERS minimum speed because I truly enjoy auto-braking and have been waiting for it.

top speed in regular mode

Normal mode now has a maximum speed of 30 mph. That is equivalent to approximately 18.5 miles per hour in kilometers per hour. I would adjust it to a greater speed, but other components limit the scooter from going much faster, so I've determined that 30 mph is the maximum speed for a comfortable ride. I have not yet modified the eco mode speed (which I rarely use anyway).

engine starting speed

I set the engine starting speed to 3 as opposed to 5 This eliminates the need for additional engine-starting kicks.

constant engine force

I reduced the engine power constant to 40165 DYoC as well (note that lower is more power). This appeared to be a decent compromise for gaining some additional power (i.e., acceleration) while minimizing engine wear. (I want it to last as long as possible!)

The majority of the remaining options were kept unchanged because they were either superfluous or required for advanced/unusual customization. Nonetheless, feel free to try more if you choose! Here are the ideas of a different blogger. This tool allows you to alter the firmware to your specifications, so you are not need to use my settings.

upload firmware to the scooter

Finally, our firmware is ready to be uploaded. Using the m365 DownG Android app is the optimal method. First, synchronize the app with the scooter. Once connected, click Open Box to extract the zipped firmware you obtained from the BotoX website. Finally, press the Flash Bin button to transmit the firmware to the scooter.