The majority of individuals, like myself, find drawing to be the most challenging element. On the other hand, under the assumption that nobody owns a drawing tablet, everybody is going to have some degree of difficulty drawing just using a mouse. The following are some pointers to consider when drawing:

utilize the resources at your disposal

You are permitted to use a fill bucket, multiple sized brushes, and a variety of colors in your artwork. The correct guessing of your term is made possible thanks to all of these factors. Whether you're drawing Shrek or Bart Simpson, all it takes to make your drawings instantly more recognized is to use green and yellow. If you want to rapidly draw an ocean, all you need to do is draw a blue line and then use the fill bucket. The ability to draw rapidly is essential, but this must come at the expense of clarity. The use of tools can save you time, which you can then put toward fleshing out the more minute elements.


In literary terms, synecdoche refers to the practice of using a portion of an object to stand in for the entire thing. One of the most common examples of this is when someone says "all hands on deck" when what they really mean to say is "all crew members on deck," not just their hands. I have seen individuals draw Pikachu when the word was Pokemon, and I have also seen people draw a magnifying glass with a question mark when the word was detective. This strategy may be applied in the app skribbl. In these situations, the objective is to stimulate the participants' thoughts about a more general theme, a preconceived notion, or a connection that will eventually lead them to the right response. It's possible that guessing the word this way will take longer than sketching it directly, but it could save an otherwise challenging word to draw.

the scope of the drawing and its level of detail

Drawing too big or small is disadvantageous. If a picture is done on too tiny of a scale, even minor drawing errors can end up taking up a significant section of the page. When a painting is overly large, there is very little place for the people who are struggling to elaborate on it. Another method that calls for the effective use of space is one in which various meanings of the same word are drawn with the word "or" interspersed between them.

niche methods

The following is a list of several less typical approaches to sketching, with the least admirable ones presented first..

- Reduce the number of dots per inch and the sensitivity of your mouse to give yourself greater precision when drawing.

- Utilizing Google Quickdraw, get some practice drawing with a mouse.

- You are free to draw anything that has a similar sounding or appearance to the word that you are required to draw. As an illustration, you might choose to draw a bandana when your word is banana. People who guess banana will discover that their guess is fairly accurate, and they still have a chance of guessing bandana properly.

- In the event that someone guesses the correct word but makes a typo in doing so, you have the ability to draw an arrow in the chat pointing out the error.

- Using words in your drawing

- You have used a LOT of words in your drawing.