How to Purge Your Facebook Profile

Why Cleaning Up Your Facebook Profile Is Important

You should clean up your profile because:

  • Your profile photo and cover photo could be out of date.
  • There may be individuals on your Friends List with whom you no longer wish to interact.
  • Your About page could contain obsolete information.
  • It is possible that the information on the Intro part of your profile's homepage is out of date.
  • There may be irrelevant status updates/shares, posts you've been tagged in, or posts from friends on your timeline.
  • There are maybe too many unrelated photographs displayed in your Photos area. Your privacy settings might need some improvement.
  • You may be receiving excessive irrelevant notifications.

Consider the following cleanup suggestions to make your profile seem as nice as ever and reduce the amount of irrelevant or obsolete information:

Update Your Profile Photo and Cover Image

Your profile image and cover photo are the first two items that Facebook visitors view. If any or both are out of date, try adding some new, high-quality, visually appealing ones.

Adding a new profile picture or cover photo also appears in your friends' news feeds, reminding them that you're still active on Facebook and possibly encouraging them to visit your page.

Remove or Unfollow Unimportant Friends

If your news feed is packed with posts from people you're not closely linked with or interested in, you should consider unfriending or at least unfollowing some of them. De-cluttering your Friends List simplifies your news feed by deleting postings from individuals whose updates you do not desire or require.

Alternately, if you wish to stay friends with someone but do not wish to see any of their posts in your news feed, locate one of their posts, select the three ellipses, and then select unfollow.

Modify Your 'About' Information on Facebook

When did you last review the About section of your Facebook profile? This page is where friends may see where you work or went to school, where you live, your contact information, your personal information (such as your birthdate), your relationship status, and other information.

Since you last updated this section of your profile, you may have changed jobs, moved, or established a new relationship. Consider removing outdated material and including new, pertinent information.

—-- Each item of information you contribute to your About section can have its visibility adjusted. Simply locate the privacy icon with a downward-pointing arrow to set its visibility to Public, Friends, Only Me, or Custom.

Enhance Your Introduction

Your Intro part is a brief summary of your About section that appears below your profile photo. You can include a brief biography, up to nine featured photographs, website or social media connections, and any other information that you have made public.

If you edited your About section in the previous step, your Intro section should reflect those modifications. Update only your bio and featured photographs.

Remove Pointless Posts From Your Timeline

If this feature is enabled, your profile's timeline displays a combination of your postings (such as status updates and link sharing), posts published directly to your timeline by friends, and posts in which friends have tagged you.

It's a good idea to review your most recent timeline posts and hide or delete any irrelevant ones. Select Hide from timeline or Delete by clicking on the three horizontal dots located in the upper right corner of each post.

--- Select the Manage Posts option at the top of your timeline to view them as thumbnail collections for a simpler approach to clean up timeline posts in bulk. Then, you can pick numerous items to delete or conceal simultaneously.

Remove tags, Delete, Hide, or Alter the Visibility of Your Photos

In the Photos section of your profile, you'll see any public photos you've shared or been tagged in. To organize this section:

The Photos tab simplifies the management of your photos by separating them into three categories: Photos of You (tagged photos), Your Photos (including profile photos), and Albums.

--— You are unable to delete photographs in which you have been tagged if they were shared by another user. You can only untag yourself, which removes the tag from your own profile but not from theirs or anyone else's.

Review Your Privacy Configurations

Your urge to share specific information on Facebook may fluctuate over time. What you originally shared publicly may be more suitable for sharing with friends, and what you once shared with all of your friends may be more suited for sharing with a bespoke list of select individuals.

--— To access your Facebook privacy settings, click the Account button (the down arrow) at the top of the site and then navigate to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Privacy.

You may also utilize this section's option to limit the privacy of old posts. If you select the Limit Past Posts button, the privacy setting for any old posts shared with the Public or Friends of friends will be changed to Friends.

You can also modify your How People Can Find and Contact You choices to reduce unwanted friend requests and messages. In addition, you can disable Facebook's Face Recognition feature and restrict whether search engines outside of Facebook can link to your profile.

--- Learn how to test your privacy settings to ensure that they are functioning as desired.

Turn off Announcements That Are Superfluous and Distracting

If you are really active on Facebook, you may receive many notifications every day. Some are turned on by default, meaning they can quickly accumulate and become overpowering.

To manage your notifications, including both conventional notifications and push notifications to your mobile devices, go to Settings and click Notifications. You are able to disable notifications for the following:

You can also modify your How People Can Find and Contact You choices to reduce unwanted friend requests and messages. In addition, you can disable Facebook's Face Recognition feature and restrict whether search engines outside of Facebook can link to your profile.

  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Reminders
  • More Action Regarding You
  • Update From Friends
  • Friend Requests
  • Those You Might Know
  • Birthdays
  • Groups
  • Video
  • Events
  • Websites You Follow
  • Marketplace
  • Fundraising and Community Assistance
--- You can disable some sorts of notifications, such as those from groups and pages, directly from their respective pages. Simply visit to a group or page and click the Notifications button to disable the feature.