Why and How You Should Purge Your Instagram Account

Your closet is not the only area in your home that need periodic cleaning. This article explains why you should consider extending the purge to your Instagram account and how to do so efficiently.

As with any other cleansing, you will feel considerably better once this one is complete.

The maintenance of your social media accounts is often relegated to the bottom of your to-do list, much like seasonal cleaning. The last thing you want to do is do a thorough review of your past Instagram activities. Why spend time maintaining content that already exists when you could be developing fresh material?

Currently, maintenance duties are undervalued and require a great deal more attention. And we're not alone: the folks at Freakenomics created an entire podcast on the topic. If you require additional persuasion to begin this endeavor, you should listen to this.

why should you purge your instagram account?

Things alter. It is crucial to demonstrate to consumers that you are willing to keep your Instagram feed up-to-date, as the voice and look of a business evolves over time. You don't want potential customers to scroll through four years of content, viewing products or services that are no longer offered or prices that do not reflect current expenses. A thorough cleaning will sift through the clutter and highlight precisely what you want users to see.

Follow the 5 steps indicated below to achieve serious Instagram feed objectives if you require more motivation to create a polished and organized Instagram profile.

how to maintain a clean instagram account

If you've been creating your brand image and utilizing Instagram for numerous years, it can be intimidating to begin a complete clean-up or makeover of your account. This is not need to be completed fully at once. In reality, we suggest addressing only one of these tasks at a time. By devoting this amount of time to each stage, you will prevent tiredness and be able to put your best foot forward with every change you implement.

1. modify your biography and account information

Your bio and profile picture are a terrific and simple place to start when it comes to updating your Instagram account. In addition to this, your account name requires an update. If you have a creator or company account on Instagram, you have access to a greater variety of tags than if you have a personal account.

After you have finalized your new and better bio, double-check that your account information is accurate. This consists of your contact information, such as your phone number and email address, and a link to your website or LikeShop link-in-bio.

2. delete or archive current articles & previous blogs

Start by examining your profile for anything that is time-sensitive, such as holiday-related posts. This type of content served a certain purpose at a specific period, but there is a strong possibility that it is no longer relevant. This similar line of reasoning applies to anything you've highlighted at the top of your profile.

Numerous users read your saved stories to gain a better sense of the type of content they will see if they follow you; hence, it is crucial to establish a positive first impression.

Next, you should scroll down your profile. Keep on browsing. Continue scrolling until your first post is reached. These early photographs are the most likely to be out of sync with your current social strategy, thus it is crucial to determine which ones may be safely deleted or archived.

If your time-sensitive or older content is still relevant to your overall plan and you wish to maintain the integrity of the postings, there is another option, which leads us to our next point.

3. clean your captions up

When cleaning up your Instagram account, you must also scrutinize the captions of your earlier posts. Whether you're utilizing that space to promote your LikeShop link-in-bio or to solicit a reaction from your followers that is no longer relevant (such as a contest), you should remove obsolete text and replace it with something more evergreen.

The hashtag cloud, which is a necessary evil, is also an important factor to consider. Hashtag clouds are a technique of gaining awareness for brands on the rise. The catch is that hashtags will get your photo recognized, but they are only beneficial for getting your post in front of viewers within the first twenty-four hours. Hence, feel free to remove those obsolete tag clouds.

4. managing your audience

Who you follow is just as indicative of your online presence as the information you produce. Evaluate who you are following as a brand, and make adjustments to align your following with your core principles. We are unable to recommend the best accounts to follow, as this is a complex and nuanced decision. However, you should spend some time reviewing your list and cleaning it up.

Patience and a fine-tooth comb are required to cultivate the right following, but one of Instagram's more recent additions makes it easier by highlighting your most and least active accounts while viewing your following. This is an excellent starting point.

5. deal with your tagged images

Consider your tagged photographs page to be a second profile in order to enhance the overall presentation of your brand. If your account has been tagged in a photo that you believe does not correspond with your brand, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the image, then choose photo settings and hide from my profile.

This image will no longer appear in your tagged photographs, and the account that tagged you will remain unaware, as they are not notified of your actions.

how to preserve a tidy instagram account

Establishing a schedule is the greatest way to keep your Instagram looking fresh. Your routine doesn't have to be as comprehensive as the procedures we've detailed above, but you should schedule time every six months to examine your profile and make any necessary changes. Planning is a foolproof method for keeping things spotless. If you are not already doing so, take the impetus provided by this cleanup to create a social media strategy that may be planned weeks or months in advance. Thus, you will be able to compose intelligent posts and prevent your feed from becoming cluttered with content that may not align with your aesthetic later on.

Now, take a step back, exhale, and appreciate your efforts. Go ahead, a celebratory profile scroll is warranted at this time.

should you remove old postings on instagram?

It depends. It is acceptable to delete posts that no longer represent your brand and that you will not want to reference in the future. If you need to refer to a photo or caption in the future, you can archive the photo. In the Archive section of your account, you will find all of your preserved images. While the photo is preserved, the image, caption, likes, and comments can be viewed, but the caption cannot be edited. You can add archived photos to your feed whenever you choose.

does removing previous instagram posts harm your profile?

To be precise, no. There are no adverse effects associated with removing previous posts from your account. After deleting previous posts, their related hashtags are also removed. After deleting your post, your image will no longer gain traction.

how can one erase all instagram posts?

Unfortunately, there is no one button on Instagram that can remove all of your posts while retaining the rest of your account information. Currently, the only way to delete Instagram posts via the native application is to pick and delete each photo manually. This can be a time-consuming process, but it is far safer than utilizing third-party software, and it allows you to keep everything else about your account the same.