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Six Good Reasons to Use a Link Shortener

Dealing with long, unmanageable URLs is not a good idea. Make them easier to read and utilize by using a link shortener!

Professionals and consumers alike will find link shorteners useful. It allows users to shorten long URLs. They can also use this tool to convert nonsense addresses into more intelligible ones.Is that, however, the whole story? Let's take a look at what URL shorteners can achieve for you right now.

1. reduce the number of characters in social media posts

Social media is used by almost everyone. Platforms like TikTok and Twitter are quite popular, so sharing your website address there is a good idea, especially if you want to reach as many people as possible.

On those platforms, though, people's attention spans are brief. Because of the large amount of content available, whatever you post should be brief, catchy, and to the point. There's also the issue of most posts having a finite number of characters or time allotted to them. Take Twitter, for example, where each message is limited to 280 characters. That implies that if you want to publish a long URL, you'll take up almost the entire post, leaving you with less area to communicate your message.

You may also use TikTok to add links to your videos. You'll wind up with half the screen covered in letters if you don't shorten the URL you're posting. Using a link shortener can shorten your URL, allowing you more room for other things.

2. create urls that are easy to remember.

While most website URLs are short and basic, they can get long, winding, and perplexing with time.

You place your CV and portfolio on Google Drive, for example, to share with potential employers. Google will generate this long-winded address when you share the file's link. While people may readily click on something on the internet, what if you want to put it on a business card? It's tough to type the above address, and misspellings might be aggravating. It's also nearly hard to remember unless the individual with whom you're conversing have a photographic memory.

Instead of utilizing this large address, you can use a URL shortener like website.com/YourShortName to chop it down to a human-readable address. This makes the link more descriptive, letting the person who clicks on it know what to expect.

3. promotional and branding strategies

Using link shorteners to create branded links is one of the most valuable things you can do. As a result, you can customize the link to fit your brand and marketing strategies. While pages on your own website will use the address of your site, this is not the case for other tools you may use.

If you build a questionnaire with Google Forms, for example, the address of the form will be a generic Google link. If you use a link shortener, however, you can change this address to something more representative of your business.

To reflect events and promotions in your links, you can also employ link shorteners. You can use yourcompany.com/discount when sharing a promo link. The URL transforms from an address to a page to a marketing tool in this manner.

4. clicks and other information

Information reigns supreme when it comes to marketing campaigns. Knowing the demographics of your target audience will help you better understand how to communicate with them and meet their demands. URL shorteners are one means of keeping track of them.

This is due to the fact that URL shorteners do more than merely shorten your URL. You can also use them to figure out where your visitors are physically situated, how they got your page, what device they were using when they clicked the link, and other information.

These indicators will assist you in determining whether or not your advertising and marketing efforts are meeting your goals. You can improve your strategy and achieve better results with this information. You'll be able to connect with the people you're trying to help in a more meaningful way.

5. apps with deep links

You undoubtedly want your users to sign up and utilize your app if you created one for your company. Deep linking is one approach to increase its use, in addition to mounting a strong marketing campaign. This strategy makes links open in the app instead of in the browser.

Assume you own a coffee shop and have recently developed a new mix. You can utilize deep linking to instantly open your ordering app instead of linking your web URL on the order now button on your Instagram Story. This tool allows your followers to interact with your brand more easily by allowing them to order a drink right from the link. They don't have to manually log in to your website anymore.

6. increase your click-through rate

Your followers will be more likely to click or tap on short, personalized links. That's because if your name or brand is on it, they know you're endorsing the link's content. As a result, if they believe you, they can trust whatever is behind the link.

Short links also rank higher in search engine results, allowing your page to appear earlier in the results than sites with long, descriptive URLs.

In the age of the internet, link shorteners are useful tools. They can make links more manageable and understandable, as well as easier to remember and type. More importantly, you may use this tool to personalize generic links and turn them into something truly distinctive.

Both companies and consumers can use the link shortener. You may use it to track marketing performance, create trust with your audience, and even promote the use of your app if you're a company. Consumers can use this to customize links, allowing them to indicate that whatever they share will bear their name. This can also be used to see if the person to whom you gave the link has opened it.

The best part is that, for the most part, link shorteners are free to use, especially for consumers. Some link shortener companies also provide free business accounts, albeit with limited features compared to their subscription plans. To receive a short link, go to a provider's page, create an account, and start decreasing links.

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